After Attunement

After Attunement

After the attunement, energy will flow freely through your hands for healing. Over the days and weeks that follow, your body will go through another detoxification. This could be in the form of a runny nose, headaches, diarrhoea, nausea and lethargy just to name a few of the most common releases.  The more toxins your body is holding, the more you will be aware of the cleansing process. Be nice to yourself during this time to support it's completion. This is simply your body's way of preparing you to be an open and clear channel for Reiki Energy and 2nd Degree symbol energy to flow through.

Attunement can also bring up emotions for release and dream activity. Simply allow everything to move through you in it's own time. 

After attunement you will also be able to request your Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate and Lineage that you can print out and keep for your records. 


I will also need to sight your 1st degree Reiki certificate BEFORE the 2nd degree certificate can be released to you (as stated on the home page).

We'll get into this as you move through the course :) For now, enjoy your attunement process when you get to it.

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