What you will learn in this course

During the Reiki 2nd Degree Course you will: 

  • Learn the three 2nd Degree Reiki symbols
  • Learn how to give a distance Reiki session
  • Experience the art of drawing and working with the three Reiki symbols
  • Beam energy via distance to a loved one that has passed over (pet or person)
  • Beam energy via distance to a loved one still living (pet or person)
  • Work with symbols for protection
  • Work with symbols for past healing and send to the future for ease as well
  • Use the symbols for chakra energy and to be able to "see" energy more easily
  • Work with the symbols to help calm a circumstance on the planet at this current point in time
  • Use the symbols for help with manifestation of a desire

Just like with 1st Degree, remember to use the comments box below with any questions or comments that you might have. So let's get started :)

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