When a Client Does Not Feel Reiki

When you give Reiki to a person, often they will notice heat coming out from your hands. This is Reiki as it works through you. Some will feel cold from hands, pins and needles or tingling, seeing colours, feeling light headed or heavy throughout the body. Some could feel very sleepy or relaxed and some will fall off into a deep sleep.

However, not everyone will feel something from Reiki, and this is completely okay too. This does not mean that Reiki is not working. Reassure your client that energetic shifts in the body and mind could occur over the next few days and to drink plenty of water to help with energy flow. I like to let my clients know that if anything arises over the next few days that they need help with, just give me a call and we can talk through it together. 

As a practitioner, you need to trust that every session will turn out exactly as it needs to for each client. You are simply the channel as you witness the Reiki energy. You are not directing it or deciding what it will heal. That is not up to you! Get out of the way.

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